Gav Munro is an artist from Manchester in the UK. He has been drawing from before he could walk. His childhood was a place of imaginary worlds brought to life in his earliest illustrations. 


Largely self taught with an academic background in graphic and print design. He now lives and works in Hangzhou, the art capital of China. He sells his paintings around the world. From the UK and US to Australia and Singapore.


He was named by the Chinese government as Artist and Outstanding Foreign Resident of the G20 Summit in 2016. He has also painted portraits for the famous including Scottish comedian Billy Connolly which was chosen by the BBC as a finalist in the Portrait of a Lifetime project.


His work is regularly shown around China and he currently has exhibitions in Shanghai and Hangzhou,. His eclectic mix of styles are influenced by the likes of David Hockney, Jack Vettriano, Kenton Nelson and Roy Lichtenstein.


In his own words...

'If you’re not obsessed with the subject through the process your results with radiate mundanity'


'Fall in love with your subject then move on like traveling whore'


'The artist is the traveling whore, putting as much effort in falling in love with their subject as leaving them'


'Immersion in the subject is the only way to create anything of substance'


'If you can’t sacrifice a week of your life to try and capture someone else’s essence you should be a portrait painter '


'Your art means nothing unless you’ve left a bit of your heart on the canvas'

'I've always been interested in the human face and the inspiration for my portraits come from the many people I see around me, from friends, strangers and others.

'I studied Psychology and thinks that people's face carry their story.'


'In my paintings I try to find these hidden expressions and bring them to the foreground of the image.'

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Elvis 68
Alexa Chung


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