Step by step guide & pricing

There are a few things to consider when deciding on a portrait that's just right for you.


Here's a handy guide to make it simple.


The things you need to consider are in orange text.

1- Which style?

A- Black & White Pencil Sketch

Bring a photo to life with a pencil and chalk sketch on grey paper.


Prices from £75 to £140

(price depended on size/number of people/complexity of image)

B- Three colour caricature

Using just three colours can produce a good effect for a portrait. This is my caricature style and comes in 2 sizes (30cm x 30cm and 50cm x 50cm).

Simply let me know what colour reflects your personality and if you want some added symbolism or text.

The portrait examples below show symbolism and text.


Prices from £85 to £160

(price depended on size/number of people/complexity of image)

C- Photo-realism (black & white)

Monochrome portraits paintings can add an extra element to a portrait. They can be more poignant and reflective...


Prices from £120 to £320

(price depended on size/number of people/complexity of image)

D- Photo-realism and Abstract(Colour)

Colour paintings are bright and vivid and bring a realism to a portrait. I use bright colours to enhance the natural colour...


Prices from £275 to £1600

(price depended on size/number of people/complexity of image)

2- Which sIZE?

Is size important? Well large canvases make a big impact and smaller portraits can be more intimate, the choice is yours. 

Here's a rough guide of sizes with a sofa for scale to make it easier for you to decide:

A- Landscape orientation
B- Portrait orientation

Need more info? Prices? Ready to order?


If you need to know anything else or would like to order your portrait please drop me an email below (please include a photo that you are interested in a portrait of) :

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