Crowdfunding Page 

I'm a British artist living in China and I love the place! I'm currently working on many projects and I'm running this crowdfunding campaign to raise money to help me pay rent for studio space over the next 12 months. 

So I'm trying to raise 100,000RMB over the next few months and I'm offering some great perks for anyone who helps me to reach this target.

Here are the different levels, please chose one:

1- 100¥ Supporter

Thanks, I'll send you regular news of this campaign and my ongoing projects


2- 500¥ 3 x small Limited edition Print Collector (RRP 750¥ SAVE 250¥)

I produce a limited number of signed, unframed prints of all my artwork (only 25 of each), and they come in 2 sizes 25cm wide and 50 cm wide (there are various heights, depending on the piece)

You'll receive 3 x 50cm wide unframed limited edition prints of any of my artwork:





3- 1000¥ 3 x BIG Limited edition Print Collector (RRP 1500¥ SAVE 500¥)

You'll receive 3 x 50cm wide unframed limited, signed edition prints:









4- 1200¥ Sketch Me! (RRP 1600¥ SAVE 400¥)

Send me a photo and I'll send you a sketch portrait in pencil and white graphite, something like this-


5- 3200¥ Pop Portrait me! (RRP 3800¥ SAVE 600¥)

Send me a photo and I'll do a BritPopArt style portrait 75x75cm, like this:



6- 3500¥ Portrait me Mono (RRP 4200¥ SAVE 700¥)














7- 3800¥ Portrait me Colour (RRP 4600¥ SAVE 800¥)

A 50x70cm portrait of you in vibrant colours

8- 6,500¥ Portrait me and Photoshoot me!

I'll get you into a photoshoot, we can discuss ideas and choose themes and locations etc. Once decided you will spend a few hours on a photoshoot to get the perfect photo. From this photo I will then make a large scale colour painting.

9- 8,000¥ 2 Days in the studio learning how to paint and a special portrait




10- 10,000¥ Artist for 1 day

I can come to your company or your event and paint live and also talk about a host of art related topics like the history of art or how to paint the perfect portrait