interested in being a patron?

every artist needs them
Becoming a patron for an artist can be an amazing experience. You can share their progression and have access to a whole lot of perks and benefits.
2017 has been good to me so far with:
  • 2 exhibitions in Hangzhou
  • 12 personal commissions
  • 6 week exhibition in The Kerry Center in Hangzhou
  • 16 artwork sales
  • Commitment from 4 art spaces and 1 gallery in Shanghai to show/ sell my work
  • An exhibition planned at Basement Bar for 3 months  from July- September
  • A special art show of rock icons planned for the Hard Rock Cafe in May
As we all know bills need to be paid and with an artist it's either famine or feast so it can be tough at times. Thankfully I have patrons that lighten the load and allow me to focus on my artwork.
If you would like to be a patron here's all you need to know:
What's in it for you
-   1 x personal portrait/commissioned artwork of your choice for your home/office
(worth 5,000rmb)
-   3 x signed limited edition framed prints (worth around 3,600rmb)
-   VIP Invitation to pre art show tour (at least twice a year)
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      -   Monthly newsletter to keep you updated on all of Gav's current projects
All this costs only 5,000RMB (worth around 8,600rmb) per year and you can cancel your subscription at any time.
If you're interested in becoming a patron please send me a message through the box below.
Many thanks for your time and support.
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