• Gav Munro

The story behind: Longjing Mountain Nights

I wanted to try and paint an expressionist view of the skyline from my apartment.

I'm lucky enough to live by a river in a city called Hangzhou in China, and the view is amazing. I've lived in China for around 10 years now and I'd lived in shoeboxes in the centre of the city surrounded by concrete and scurring people. I made the decision to move to the south of the city and 'get a view'.

The place I found was perfect, so perfect in fact that the first thing I decided to do when I moved in ws rip the curtains down so I could get a 24/7 view of the river and the mountains opposite.

The mountains opposite are pretty famous, well pretty famous if you're into tea. Longjing green tea is probably the most popular type of tea and it's grown in industrial quantites on this mountain.

During the day the hazy mist hovers over the hill, while the teapickers do their job but something weird happens at night...

The mountains fade to black and the neon lights of the hotels and advertising seem to take over...So the difference is amazing, during the day the nature of the mountians seems to radiate through, at night the flourencent light seems to bring the mountain to life...that's what I tried to capture with this one.


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