• Gav

My Biggest Job So Far...!

I receieved the most incredible phone call a few months ago. One of the biggest guitar amp makers in the world had seen a few of my paintings and asked if I'd be interested in doing a commission for their head office in Asia....erm...yeah?!?!

The wallspaces were big, so the canvases had to be big. They were interested in a collection of paintings that I'd done called 'Iconology' which were my favorite pop/rock icons from the last century in a pop art style.

So I bought rolls of 2 metre wide canvas, nailed them to my studio wall and got stuck in, here are some photos of the process and the end results....

Above: Me in my longjohns posing as the Marquess of Queensbury....

Above: The final Jagger portrait in the reception area of Peavey Electronics in Shenzhen, China

Above and below: Hendrix in my living room and on location...


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