• Gav Munro

Reasons to Start Drawing #1

OK, everyone can do it, you just don't know you can. I want to share with you some of the great things that you experience when you start getting passable at drawing and paintings. I do this as an attempt to tempt you into the brilliant world of learning to paint/draw...or relearning.

My old man was a man of few words, back in the 80s we didn't have 'modern parenting' and 'be sensitive to your childrens needs'. I drew from a young age and he liked it cos it kept me quiet in a corner, that was it.

Of course I loved the old man but as every kid does, I wanted to prove I was good at something (paternal approval I think it's called).

My mum was always the person that I took my freshly drawns scribbles to and she'd give her genuine but token 'That's lovely darling!'.

Dad would always stay silent, read his paper, smoke his Hamlet cigar.

Anyway, I didn't mind I like to think that I developed a sort of independance being the youngest of three.

Anyway, years later Dad got ill and I was lucky enough to look after him for the last few weeks of his life,

Never moaning but yet again, never over-praising me for any artistic leaning (arty-farty in his words).

The fantastic thing is, and here's the reason to start drawing, after he died I painted a portrait of him for my mum. It was'nt very good but I felt i wanted to give her something.

When I passed the painting over to her she said 'Yo

ur dad was very proud of you you know?' My ears pricked up and I felt slightly uncomfortable...she carried on 'You know son, every time your dad used to refer to you it was as My son, the artist'. Now I was a teacher at the time, so he could of very easily said that, but no he didn't, and I'm glad.

It's been 8 years since he died, and it would've been his 81st birthday on Feb 3rd, so I've decided to do a study of him and sometime soon produce a knockout oil painting in the style of Jonathan's what I sketched this morning


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