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How to sketch an old photograph

I'm getting into my sketcking at the moment,. It's relaxing, easier than full colour painting and I find I can do them quite quickly (I'm so impatient). I recently tried to sketch an old photo of a friend of mine's parents.

Here's some tips I've learnt so far:

1) Get a decent image to draw from If you're asked to paint an old family photograph make sure your friend gives you the best quality photo that they have. I've found that in the 1950-60's photo shoots in studios were quite popular. ASsk your friend if they have any. Old family indoor photos taken by their own cameras are terrible as the light is usually poor. If they don't have a studio photo, asked them for a photo that was taken outside (at least the lighting will be good).

2) Get the image printed out as big as possible.

As always, when you're copying a photo it's always great to scan it and print it out as big a sposs (at least the size you want to draw it).

Enlarging it means you get a more accurate final drawing.

3) Use a mid-tone colour card/paper

A grey paper will give you a great tone to start from. It'll make it much easier to shade and add highlights

And voila! Hopefully the sketch comes out looking something like the original photo....with a bit of some added charactor!


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