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The Day I Sold My First Painting...

I'm happy to say that I've sold over 150 paintings so far in the last 10 years of paintings but as always, I'll never forget my first time.

On May 12th 2008 a massive earthquake hit Sichuan Province in China and causeda huge disater. Having lived in China for 2 years by then it was a bit of a shocker. I knew I wasn't the only one of the foreigners here who, in the weeks afterwards were wondering what we could do.

The expat crowd in Hanghzou (where I lived) were pretty tight and I ran a jam night at the local pub where I had a hung a few of my early paintings on the walls to cover up the broken plaster and blood. Together with a mate of mine, Janyll we decided to hold a charity night through the Red Cross.

We asked our friends to bring in jumble and old stock from their offices. On the night tonnes of people brought things, from jackets to furnitire and DVDs. Halfway through the night we hit around $2,000 rasied we took a break from the auctioning and I decided to jam with a friend. As we were rocking away I wondered if I could raise a little more by auctioning the paintings of mine that were hung up. We finished the song and I told the crowd to let me know if they were interested in bidding on my scribblings. Surprisingly, through luck and too much drink, people did.

At the end of the night we'd raised around $5,000 for the earthquake relief's some of the photos of the night and the buyer of my fist 'sold' painting...

Above: the painting in question hangs precariously on the wall covering the blood and tears...

Here's a timelapse video of the first painting I ever sold:

Above and below: The fantabulous Meg Teckmann that was the first person to pay cold, hard cash for one of my scribblings...

I'm currently auctioning a Bowie portrait for a children'scancer charity, click here to see the full story...

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