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Started to record my mini documentary.....

SO what a strange day today turned out to be. I was asked a few weeks ago whether I would be interested in making a little film about my painting. I said 'Why not?'. So yesterday I had a very cool (and rather attractive) film crew following me about and recording a little interview about me.

Me and Haohao, news anchor and documenary producer

So they came by the apartment at lunchtime and we headed for the bar I was working at to set up a comedy night there. I had a little sit-down interview, thinking that was it...

I got a bit more info about it today and it looks like the video is going to be used to promote the G20 summit here in China. Along with 9 other foreigners I'm going to be part of a documentary series that's being broadcast to 130 countries. It's going to be about our life in China and what we do. It's also going to be shown on all the transport systems across China...equally chuffed and terrified!

I'll keep you posted!

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