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My RETROspective

Thanks to everyone who came to my art RETROspective on Saturday night and especially those who bought some pieces...

The night went better than I'd expected. In the afternoon the camera crew filmed me setting up for the documentary (See here).

There was a strange buzz about the show for the week before, I saw lots of people were posting it on social media.

I was pretty certain I didn't want it to be just another boring old art show so I asked a few mates of mine to help and managed to get not only the best DJ in the city but the best band too.

(Above) Etienne and the rest of the guys grooving along...

(Above) Tam the man on decks

We started the night off by having a top 5 course meal and finished it off with drinks and dancing. In the morning I had tonnes of messages and some very sweet ones...

So here's a gallery of the night....

Anyone in Binjiang who wants to see the exhibition should get down to ABC Cafe to take a nosey:


ABC Cafe and space 1/F, Changjian Mansion, 415 Huanxing Road, Binjiang 滨江环兴路415号长建大厦1楼


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