• Gav Munro

Auctioning off Prints for Orlando Charity

One of the great things about being a painter is that you can contribute some of your work to a great cause. So last month I donated a few prints to help raise money for a guy who had a bad bike accident.

This month the local LGBT community wanted to hold an auction to help raise some money for the victims of the awful massacre in Orlando.

I was happy to help and contributed some framed prints and overall we raised around $1,500. Thanks to Lucy, Sam and Sunny who organised the whole event...

一个约是一个画家的伟大的事情是,你可以贡献一些你的工作,以一个伟大的事业。所以上个月我捐了一些版画,以帮助筹集资金的人谁有一个坏的自行车事故。 本月当地LGBT社区要举行拍卖,以帮助筹集一些钱,在奥兰多的可怕屠杀的受害者。 我很乐意帮忙并促成了一些框架的页和整体提高,我们大约1,500 $。由于露西,萨姆和Sunny谁组织了整个活动...


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