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Biggest Commission Yet....

So I was asked to paint a family photo by a mate of mine in Australia...and he wanted it BIG. never one to resist a challenge I accepted. When I saw the photo I had some reservations. It was a selfie taken on a boat with the sun coming from the back so the faces lighting wasn't great...

So I got the photo enlarged and printed out and just stared at it for a few days figuring out how i was gonna attack the painting. Like any paintings you do you have to deconstruct it and work it out piece by piece.

First things first was to get the form and shading roughly down, so I sketched it roughly over a couple of days..

From the sketch I started to see the scale, then to get a little bi of an idea of the volume of the painting I underpainted it, with one colour in different shades....

When I saw the underpainting I had a bit of a breakthru as to how I was going to style it. As the original photo wasn't great quality with light and contrast being an issue i thought I'd go pop with it.

How'd it turn out? Here's a speed video of the process and the final painting...


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