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Why Paint a Huge Beer Can?

Two reasons. One vital element of why people create something is because it's not there. It's a beautiful thing to produce something that's never been done before. When George Mallory was asked why he wanted to climb Mount Everest his answer was clear and concise 'Because it's there.' Artists create things because 'it's not there.'

The other reason is because I was reading about Dutch hyper realist artist Tjalf Spaarnay who spends months painting photographic oil paintings of ordinary objects like this:

Now I don't have months to paint a picture but I was fascinated by his comments on 'ordinary' objects.

The point is to celebrate design and laud commonplace things to make the viewer see them in a different way. As a kid I was pretty good at seeing beauty in the seemingly mundane, I want to show that in my paintings.

I've always loved the Boddingtons design, the colours, and the font. And the point of crushing the can was to show that it's seen as litter. The discarded nature of things makes us see things as worthless. The very same reason that I painted the beggar was to give dignity to the subject and show people the beauty of something/someone.

I started by taking a beer can and stomping on it. I then photographed it on the balcony on a sunny day to get a real detailed and contrasted image.

I then took a small canvas and did an initial study.

I made a lot of mistakes with this and learnt a lot of techniques on how to fix them.

I then took a 1.5m canvas and got to work...

The whole piece took around a week and this one's not for sale...this is going in the apartment just as a reminder of the Mancunian pale ale that the beautiful Melanie Sykes famously described as 'Gorgeous!'


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