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Latest exhibition explored 'People and Other Strangers'

Last Sunday was a great day. The spring sun was shining and we had an art show!

We had an afternoon event and I was invited to give a talk to some ex-students of the famous St Martin's college in London. They were all very welcoming but I explained that because I had no formal training there really wasn't a lot I could teach them in the way of technique. There was a little advice I could give them.

I told them to create what they want to see. In China art students learn by intense image reproduction. You want to know how to draw a flower? You draw a flower 500 times! Which is great as it teaches form, shadow and all the basic techniques but I told the experienced ex-students that they now should create something they see in their mind's eye. If they can imagine it they should be able to express it on a canvas.

It was a great opportunity to show off some new work too!


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