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#3 Tom Rhodes

Tom Rhodes has to be one of the coolest stand-ups out there. I first got into him through his podcasts and then saw him live in drawer!

I'm jealous of him, he's met a lot of my heroes. From Bill Burr to Kim Dotcom all his interviews have been an enlightening journey into fascinating minds. His road trip with fellow Mancunian John Cooper Clarke was a highlight for me as well as all the knowledge nuggets he and his beautiful and talented photographer wife Ashna bring to us.

I like how he's so open about the tumultuous relationship with his older, something I know all about!

If you've not yet heard his podcast, what the fuck are you doing?! Take a look here.

So here's my tribute portrait, Tom Rhodes we salute you...long may you run brother!

Tom Rhodes 50cm x 50cm by Gav Munro

This collection will eventually be shown in Shanghai at the Kung Fu Komedy club.

Here are some of my other portraits of Funny Guys:

If you like what you see please take a look at my portfolio


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