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Lighting a Trump as He Ignites a Nation

I burned a portrait of Trump the day the 2016 US election results came in...

Let me explain why....

His Confirmation Bias

The tendency to interpret new evidence as confirmation of one's existing beliefs or theories is confirmation bias.

We all do it to some extent but Trump has a record of doing this to tie in conspiracies to advance his personal wealth and interests.

His Racism

Those who say Trump isn't racist or at least xenophobic are devoid of a few facts. Take away his campaign rhetoric where he basically made huge negative judgements on people because of their nationality and colour of skin and look at his record in business.

In the early 1970's Trump used minorities (and also 'illegal immigrants') to build apartments in Queens and Brooklyn and then screened buying applicants and refused them surreptitiously if they were black.

This is both elitist and racist. Someone who has this kind of skeleton in their closet as well as openly espousing hate speech to minorities will not give a fair deal to a multicultural society.

More reading:

His Sexism

Although his disrespect for people is not confined to gender he has a provable record of objectivising women. Forget the lawsuit from his 1st wife with allegations of rape, forget the fact that he has praised his daughter as 'hot' in a weird nepotistic sexism.

Look more to the way he's turned against women who have challenged him by insulting them using slurs and sexist tropes and not answering their accusations.

Take Megan Kelly, a strong women who challenged him, rather than responding to her challenges he chose to criticise her aggression being born of menstruating. Sexism isn't really calling women derogatory names. Sexism is undermining a woman's opinion or challenge based on her gender.

His Divisiveness

The best we can hope for in world leaders is that they unite. Uniting two opposing tribes is difficult, dividing is much easier. Trump has systematically divided the American people as well as create divisions between the US and most of its allies around the world.

He has offered the hand of friendship to many nations that's interest are in direct conflict to those of the US.

He will seek to divide and conquer, his inability to unite will become his biggest weakness. You can only divide so much until your support is in the minority.

His Positioning of the Media

He has made a huge deal out of shaming established news corporations as 'fake and 'phoney'. This has led his supporters to look at alternative sources for information.

Many of these sources are funded by alt right wing concerns, many of them produce and distribute deliberately fake news. Trump is the first president that has been elected by people in a 'post truth' time.

Throughout history one of the first steps of an authoritarian leader has been to undermine the mainstream press and point people towards their self-made propaganda machines.

Trump has Breitbart/Fox News for this, he can create his own truth and be confident they will propagate it.

His Track Record in Business

There's a great article in Newsweek which explains his many business failures in more details here .

Trump's business tactics are those of a mafia Don, using threats, blackmail, compromat in order to persuade and disloyalty, blame shifting to evade.

His Lack of Empathy

I've been asking a question to pro-Trump supporters over the last 18 months and still not had a satisfactory answer to it, you might want to try it, the question is:

'When has Donald Trump ever done anything for anyone or any organisation that would have no future benefit to himself?'

His Lack of Experience

One thing that has been a constant in the POTUS since the office began in 1778 has been the fact that they have all served the people in one way or other.

There have only been 5 presidents in the last 250 years that have not had political experience and they've been generals or national heroes who have served the people in other ways.

Trump is unique in that he is one person who has been voted to the office with zero experience. This means that we'll have to watch a person conduct the most powerful position in the world as though it was job training.

He is literally going to be an Apprentice president.

His Ethical Lineage

Is it right to judge a person on the family they come from? Well not if they renounce the immoral actions of their lineage, but yes if they celebrate it.

If Trump went on the TV show Who Do You Think You Are? this is what you'd see...

Trump's grandfather Fredrick Trump (Friedr. Trumpf) made his money by running an assortment of saloons, casinos, and brothels. When the government cracked down on alcohol and prostitution he moved into real estate. In his will he left 21 properties to his wife and son Fred (Jnr). The net worth of these properties was $31,359 ($494,700 today).

Trump's father took this $494,700 and carried on his father's legacy of developing housing. During a Memorial Day parade in 1924 a riot ensued between fascist supporters, parade crowd and members of the KKK. Trump's father was arrested for failing to disperse. Of the 7 people who were arrested one newspaper wrote that they we 'all dressed in the 'Glory Suit' (KKK attire).

Fred Trump's father also developed a chain of supermarkets during the great depression which were a big hit amongst the poor. He made a fortune and then sold this business a year later.

He then moved into developing government housing for veterans. In his business plan he bought up land, built properties and rented them to veterans at hugely inflated prices. The contract was weighted heavily against the government and if any veteran defaulted on the payment Trump would receive $1.5m from the government on each property. Trump was investigated in a senate hearing from 'profiteering from public contracts' and sued by tenants. Trump developed Altzheimers and died in 1999 from pneumonia.

So you can argue that Trump's family have a history of profiting from people's misery and taking advantage of public money for their own ends.

His Vacuum of Altruistic Action

He set up a foundation as a strategy and then took from the donations to pay for his legal bills.

His Intimidation Tactics

In his book 'The Art of the Deal' Trump proudly states that the way to get ahead in business is to manipulate and blackmail your competition, he even goes so far as to say that you can always orchestrate a 'compromising situation' to exploit.

Decision Making

Trump seems to give the impression of somebody who never thinks they are wrong. When dealing with an issue there's a fine line between ignorance and arrogance and within that fine line usually lies the best ideas. Trump seems a stranger to this middle ground with all his choices being made on lazy prejudices or egotistical confidence.

I also think what is interesting about Trump is his inability to recognise his faults or indeed acknowledge any mistakes he's made.

The whole point of gaining wisdom (or at least common sense) is using the process of making improvements to your logic. The best way to develop this skill is by recognising mis-steps you've made and correcting them next time.

I've yet to hear Trump admit to any mistake he's made and therefore any lesson he's learnt.

In conclusion, providing we get through these next few years and there are no major crisis that he has to face this could be an interesting reality show, less in the style of The Apprentice, more a Big Brother. A global TV Special where we see a man out of his depth fail and blame over and over again.

His base seem delusional and easily influenced which will suit the Conman-der in Chief, lets hope he uses his new super-power well. Should he chose division get ready for some fireworks. I'm not being melodramatic when I throw words like 'Civil War'' or 'insurrection' into the mix, it's not what happens when he's in power, but when he's removed.

Let's see what the future brings and keep our fingers crossed for democracy!

Agree? Disagree? Unlike Trump I think we should have sensible debate, feel free to leave your comments below


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