• Gav

In Guns We Trust

More Americans have died from guns in the US since 1968 than on battlefields of all the wars in American history. This artwork attempts to suggest that guns and murder are as engrained into the culture as the flag itself.

A book I read a while ago made the argument that it makes little economic sense to reform gun control at all. With the domestic arms market worth around $6 billion and moreover the prison industry worth $5 billion in 2014, the system isn't financial incentivised to reduce sales or restrict ownership. The elite and the gov turn a tidy profit on the misery that guns bring. As I've mentioned before a lot of my close friends here are Americans, this is not a criticism of most people in the US, just a meditation on the system and how death of it's own citizens has benefitted the select few.


Acrylic on paper/canvas

150cm x 100cm


*Limited edition prints available on request for 1,800RMB (unframed) and 2,200RMB framed)


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