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Exhibition at The Kerry Centre

So it's been a crazy first 4 weeks at my latest exhibition in Hangzhou's largest retail mall. With around 40,000 people walking passed every day that's over 1.2m people who have 'attended the art show!

First of all I've got to thank my awesome, lovely, crazy and wonderful friend Rachel Addy for recommending me to the Kerry Centre management and Peter Lai for making it happen. Secondly I want to share the experience with you of what it's like painting live in front of over a million people.

Here's some images from the last 4 weeks and my thoughts underneath them:

The Wallers

Wall of Famers: Arianna, Tim, Q,John, Tam, Me, Richard and Rachel

We launched the show with a press pack and some of the people on the Hangzhou Wall of Fame. It was very cool to get the Wallers together in one space.

The Players

I was lucky enough to have some of my cool musician friends along to play piano whilst I was painting which I could recommend to anyone wanting to live paint. It helps to 'zone you out' and forget that there's hundreds of eyes on your back!

The Buyers

Holly is the proud owner of the Audrey Hepburn pop piece

Gary and his wife took hold of the Stranger in the Shadows piece

Bought by her boyfriend I made a. surprise delivery of the the Blondie portrait to this lady!

Honest commissioned me 2 portraits of his beautiful wife

Xiao Zhang and her family took some prints for their new home, they thought the colourful images would bring luck to them

Our Kid Don bought the Crushed Boddies Can original which gave a big boost to our fundraising appeal for the families of victims of the Manchester bombing.

My amazing team at the centre that helped make everything happen, the Lovely Rita, beautiful Grace and super smart Martin all made my experience there much more comfortable

So the exhibition will be there for the next few weeks at various locations in the Kerry Centre, if you're around please stop by and say hello!

If you're interested in any of my limited edition prints please click here.

Some more big news coming soon....very giddy!


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