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The very first...but not the last..

Last weekend Hangzhou's very first art and food market was launched, and boy....was it good!

There were over 300 applicants with only 60 stalls so I was really proud to be picked as one of the stall holders.

The whole weekend had a carnival atmosphere with street performers doing their thing and lots of great artists and food and drink makers.

The great news is that it's all happening again this weekend from 2-11pm on both Saturday and Sunday.

Here's some photos of last weekend, if you're around this weekend, please pop in!

Above: My amazing team for Saturday/Sunday: Regina, me, Toto and Yvan (Tracy went missing for this!)

Above: Head of security Lec and Sales Executive Gina (I gave them all titles and said I was going to be like Donald Trump on their ass unless they sold lots)

Above; Regina stares at the stand like a catalogue model

Above: This lunatic scared the ByJayzus outta me all day

Above: Luckily the two Steves came by to provide some liquid relief

Above: Zhenya and Nando came over to collect her birthday present

Above: The whole street was set-up like a carnival

Above: I carried on with some live painting of the latest Jailhouse Rock collection

Above: The stand was nice and busy all day/night with friends old and new coming along


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