• Gav Munro

'Heroes and Villains' Collection

This collection looks at the idea of 'when icons fall from grace'. I've taken mugshots from their arrest sheets and painted them in bright poppy colours to add a bit of life to them.

I then looked at the crimes they committed and try to go one step back. For example I read that Frank Sinatra was arrested in 1938 for adultery, apparently in New York in the 30s this was a state crime. So I span that and made his crime 'Seduction'.

Sinatra had a reputation for a serial seducer, it got him arrested in 1938

Although Elvis was arrested a couple of times, once in 1958 for a fight with a gas station attendant and the other time in 1974 for a parking violation. As he was the 'King of Rock n Roll' his crime is 'Ascension'

Johnny Cash was arrested for smuggling uppers through the Mexican border, his experience in jails made him empathetic with the prisoners and their poor conditions. He went on to tour a series of free concerts to inmates across America. Most notably his San Quentin Live album was recorded in that very jail.

Jagger was arrested for possession of marijuana in 1973 after a rock star witch-hunt by the infamous DC Pilcher.

David Bowie was arrested in a hotel room in America in the 70s after being monitored by the police for smoking a joint. As the great androgynous alien I thought that he was probably abducted by extra terrestrials and came back as the man who fell to earth

Amy Winehouse was arrested for assault, I sold this painting a few weeks ago before I settled on a concept. I'm going to do another one of Amy...and I think her crime will be 'Confession.' I think that she died of a broken heart after baring her soul in all those songs every night to thousands of people.

This collection will be displayed at Basement Bar in Hangzhou for the next 2 months. There's also limited edition signed prints available of all these. Please contact me to get more details.


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