• Gav Munro

Why paint Elvis being crucified?

Fame is a strange thing and I love exploring the existential path of people as a society we deem to be 'special'.

Mega stars in general don't last very long on this mortal coil. Because of the privileges and pressures that come with being lavishly talented these people tend to live a life of excess or take risks that us 'nobodies' don't. It's usually a combination of attempting to exceed the performance high with artificial ones, grappling with their inner demons, gratifying their over inflated egos or simply working themselves to death.

From Harry Houdini, the world's first superstar to die prematurely in 1926 to Chester Bennington this year the trend is all to prevalent.

In my latest painting I'm trying to convey the message that some artists die for's your fault.

Once we 'idolise' a person and forget they're human we want all of them: their performances, their intimate secrets and part of their soul.

In Christian mythology, Jesus gave his life to us to save us and in return we own some of him. that was what I wanted to put over in this painting

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