• Gav Munro

4 Reasons the last Art Show was a Blast!

What a show! The best yet and here's why....

1- The Space

With the help of Anna and Ali we turned ABC Interior Design's showroom into a gallery for the night, from a place that displays Americana and retro furniture to a chilled out space to hang artwork...

2- The Turnout

As it was a national holiday in China and most people went away I wasn't expecting half the people that turned out. Some regular faces but a whole lot of newbies that are interested in art...

3- The Entertainment

Virtuoso violinist and conductor Anton played his sweet violin on the balcony of the showroom

4- Showing the New Artwork

It's always a complete thrill to be able to show new artwork to people and getting their feedback. here's some of the new pieces I was showing on Saturday...

'Raina' is a girl that comes to a lot of my live painting events

'How great Thou (Art)' is my take on celebrity hero worship and the sacrifices made by those subject to it

'Lip Sink' is a work in progress. I'm trying to create something that appears 3D when hung on a wall

Thanks to Our Lucy for the poster design

If you want to see all the collection, it'll be at ABC for the next few weeks, here's the address...


No.415 Chengye Road,

Binjiang District |

1/F, Changjian Mansion,




+86 571 2887 0780


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