• Gav Munro

Tong Yan Runan and my Portrait

What an amazing honour to be included in Tong Yan Runan’s latest exhibition! I’ve long been an admirer of this guys work since he had a small gallery on in the centre of the city.

I used to walk down Nanshan Road and stare at his portraits 10 years ago and dream of being a portrait artist. He was cool, he looked like an artist, I remember once showing some paintings in a furniture shop close to his gallery and steeping outside only to see him coming towards me. i asked if he'd like to come in and take a look at my paintings (in very bad Chinese) but he just stared and walked on.....course he did, he's a cool artist!

As part of my role as G20 Outstanding Foreign Artist I had the chance to meet him and get my portrait done, I couldn't have been more thrilled. there's some photos of that below, but first here's the video of his latest exhibition...

Here's some photos from his studio...


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