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2017 A Year in Painting (part 2)

So following on from the last post here's what's been happening in the latter part of this year...


Rock stars always seem to get arrested for boring things. Drug possession, D&D and smashing things up are all the cliched traits of those kind. I was thinking what they were really guilty of and that idea developed into a collection of pop mugshots that I called 'Heroes and Villains'....


I had an art show at Moka Bros in Hangzhou and all the coolest cucumbers came....


I put the brush down this month to go into the recording studio and record a song of mine with the help from the very talented Anna's the result:


I've always thought that the way that Elvis used to pose at the end of his live Vegas shows was very ethereal, almost Christ-like and the audience went crazy cos he'd sacrificed himself for I painted him on a cross:


With the help of Anna and Ali we turned ABC Interior Design's showroom into a gallery for the night, from a place that displays Americana and retro furniture to a chilled out space to hang artwork...


My Portrait of Billy Connolly made it to the final 10 in the Portrait of a Lifetime Project at the People's Palace Art Gallery in his home city!

And that's it for this year...what's next? Who knows! I'll keep you posted if you subscribe to this blog!


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