• Gav Munro

Why I Painted a Hero of Humanity

At around 2pm on the 24th March, in the sleepy village of Trebes in southern France, amidst a killing spree that left three murdered, two men met and decided to make the ultimate sacrifice. Two men with two very different idealologies.....

One man decided to kill non-believers (of his cult) and take hostages for his cause, the other would talk the hostage taker into releasing the girl that he held at knifepoint and take him instead because 'a gendamme is worth a lot more for your cause'. The terrified girl was released and the gendame taken, and after a 3 hour stand off he was shot and stabbed. He died from a neck wound by a knife, a favourite method of this barbaric clan. The hostage taker was shot dead when the building was stormed.

The story of this hero must have touched you like it did me, two idealologies two world's apart. One that believed that murder and torture were the justifiable actions of an abstract belief system the second of a faith in humanity, duty and courage. The hostages had no choice, the gendarme did but but chose humanity, compassion and care over dogma. This happens every day, people choose murderous superstition over human's quite rightfully dying out as we evolve. Fascism won't win while there are heroes like this in the world.

Arnaud Beltrame, remember his name, history will preserve him forever as a Hero of Humanity, the other man will be quickly become irrelevant rejected by any loving God, his sacrifice will be rightly made in vain. Arnaud Jean-Georges Beltrame, we salute you.

My tribute to a man who restored my faith meaning of the word 'hero'....

(Incredibly honoured to just find out my tribute portrait to Arnaud Beltrame was just shown to his colleague during the televised funeral....)


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