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Offended? Then Fu@koff!

How people are offended by a painting is beyond me. Then again I don't care, but I am curious about what makes us offended and what makes us want to look like we are offended.

A few weeks ago I painted some portraits of my 2 cats, silly ones really. We have given our cats names based on their appearance and personality and with a sprinkling of dark humour and a whole lot of anthropomorphism I managed to cause some people (on social media) to appear to be offended.

For the record

Just a disclaimer at this point, I don't want to cause genuine offence to anyone, or let me add a caviat there...I don't want to hurt anyone by deliberately causing offence. I wouldn't dream of ridiculing less fortunate people than me in an attempt to shock or provoke....that type of false signalling I'll leave to likes of Katie Hopkins and Fox News. I also support the theory that 'offence is taken and not given'.

I also don't get offended that often, or at least show the 'offendee' that I'm offended. It's pretty hard to watch the news without feeling offended by the manipulators of power oppressing their subjects, whether in a corporate, governmental or theocratical context.

I do however feel that it's everyone's right to offend and feel offended, in cultures of free speech it's an unpleasant side effect but one that can solidify a position or provoke a response from their adversary.

But it's only a cute little Hitler cat

Here's my adorable cat Bo next to her portrait:

Now this photo 'offended' a few people on social media, here's some of the comments:

Here's another:

(BTW- I've blanked out their identity for 2 reasons, one of respect of privacy, the other of not wanting to give them any more attention that they so desperately want/need)

So you see what happens? Now, as I said before, I'm not trying to deliberately offend, hurt or provoke but now I am trying to understand people's definition of offence. Is offence a visceral emotion? Can offence be taken on behalf of others? Has social media given people the platform to showboat pretend offend in order to seem more self righteous?

In Conclusion

As a libertarian and also a liberal I find it disappointing that (false) offence has been weaponised by the far left. As a weapon it's very weak if the 'offender' has a clear conscience on the matter.

If you have anything to say on this please leave your comments at the bottom of this page.....I promise I won't be offended!


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