• Gav Munro

Portrait Video-The reaction is it's Own Reward!

One of the most rewarding things for portrait artists is the reaction of the subject or their family, I got one of those beautiful rewards last week. I was asked to sketch a portrait of South American lady for her grand-daughter. I was told the background, they were very close, the elder being a strong role model to younger. Unfortunately her grandmother passed away when she was 38.

Her great grand-daughter Yllen told me that Mama was full of love & live, strong & peaceful & beautiful & wise.

So the task was simple, sketch a piece that reflected that personality. I took the photos and hung them in my studio for a few days and kept looking at them. there was a strong sense of grace in the lady's face, a sense of poise and dignity that I remembered from my great aunts as a child. There was also a sparkle in her eye suggesting a kind and naughty side!

I set to work, I wanted to created something that wasn't stuck in the past so I deliberately focussed on the facial feature and disregarded the hair and clothes, these things tend to date an image, and that would be a distraction.

To see the finished sketch and the grand-daughters reaction to seeing it see the video below!

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