• Gav Munro

The Enigmatic Polly Harvey

From the first moment I saw Polly Jean Harvey I was captivated. When she changes to her stage persona of Polly Harvey, the troubled British poet/singer songwriter, there's a strange empathy that comes over you.

Her dark lyrics and sardonic delivery are both juxtaposed and parallel to her image of a guitar slinging goth in a short dress.

As with us all she's a complex contradictions of personality, sometimes vulnerable and lost and other times cocksure and in your face.

In my portrait I wanted to get the 'in between' stage, I wanted to show her looking reflective and in control.

I started her a few weeks ago and have been painting her live as part of my new exhibition. If you'd like to see it close up I'll be showing it at Cafe Mulinaccio, close to XiXi Wetlands for the next 6 weeks.

Here's some process pictures...

I started with by panting the canvas a yellow/orange shade, then sketched the face with Burnt Umber..

When I'd painted the basic form I then filled in the boldest colours...

Once I'd blocked the colours out and put more details into the 'magic inverted triangle' (eyes, nose and mouth) I then focused on smoothing the whole image by blending the skin tones together, it's almost like applying make-up...

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