• Gav Munro

4 Reasons Live Painting is a Great Thing to Do

I'm becoming pretty fearless in my painting and I'm not sure why. Lately I have been live painting every week at a bistro where my latest exhibition is.....and i love it! If you're an artist/painter here's why you should be looking for a live painting gig....

1- There are thousands of venues out there begging for you

As long as your willing to do it for expenses then lots of places would be happy to have you there with your canvas and paints, it attracts curiosity and brings in people. So why wouldn't a venue want you there?

2 - You meet like-minded people

You'll get painters, musicians, students and hobbiests coming along to see you and watch you create, it's always fun to chat with people who are doing the same thing you are trying to do.

3- You become more aware of what you're doing

I'll chat and paint with people when they come over. As I never had any formal training as a painter I used to find it difficult to explain my techniques. The more I do it the clearer I am at this and people really appreciate you explaining how you get certain results.

4- Your confidence levels soar

As with most things in life confidence is key to success. A couple of years ago I started live painting at a newly built super-mall where thousands of people each day would pass me by, stop an look and comment, ask questions etc.

The very first time I did it I was terrified, my hands were shaking and I really couldn't do anything on the canvas. I would be super-aware of people behind me, complimenting me and also saying that my paintings were ugly!

After a few days of this I began to zone-out the background noise an then I learnt to switch between being in the moment and talking to people and focusing on the painting job. This method of turning on and off has made me so much more confident in my abilities. The mere fact that you get instant feedback is a great thing, nobody comes up to me in my studio at home and says 'Great job!'

All in all, if you want to do something whether it's singing, playing or painting learn the basic then get out among the people and show off your newly learnt skills, just grow a thick skin, a likable nature and be generous with your time....i promise the benefits will come rolling back to you!

Here's a video of my live painting at Mulinaccio Bistro in Hanghzou, if you're around the area on a Friday afternoon come by and say hi!.....


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