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How AR is Changing the Art World

Augmented reality (AR) came into my world by chance really...

The initial concept for my last exhibition back in January was to paint a collection of large scale portraits and try to include as much of the subject’s personal philosophy in the painting.

I did the initial exhibition using the ‘anologue’ method and painted phrases or keywords on the artwork to reflect these philosophies. In May I was approached by an Austrian company called Artivive who were looking for artists around the world to showcase their new technology, as soon as I saw the demo I was hooked!

It seemed serendipitous that I was working on a project to convey the words and values of icons and this tool for amplifying that message seemed to land on my lap.

So what does it do?

From a viewers point of view it gives a whole new perspective to the art show experience. If you visit my collection now you can point your smartphone/tablet camera at the painting and see a digitally projected image overlaying my painting with audio, that tells much more of a story than my simple 2D painting can.

A great example is a piece I painted that tackled suicide. I lost a few friends to depression last year and it shocked me so I want to paint something with a positive message, within the painting was a ‘secret message’ that I hoped people would figure out….very few did! So with this AR experience I can animate the painting to reveal that message.

Is this the future for artists?

Who knows, it’s all about the present right?! Your duty as an artist is to convey an emotion, AR tech gives you the tools to realize your ideas. When MS Word came out everyone was going to be a top selling writer, when Cubase arrived everyone was going to compose the best song ever.

It’s important to remember that technology facilitates creativity, very rarely does it happen the other way around.

If you’re an artist you can just rejoice in the fact that now there are more tools around to help you get your message across.

I'm putting together a special event next Saturday (20th July) where you can come along and experience this technology with your own eyes...

If you want to know more about the technology I'm using please go to

Come along to the AR party on Saturday 20th July 7:30pm at Mulinaccio Restaurant on Hubin Lu. He’ll be showcasing AR together with RedStar and a host of other artists and companies.


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