• Denise Marchington

Gav @ The Creative & Cultural Expo 2019

We're really excited to announce that Gav will be showing his new work and selling some new products at the 13th Creative & Cultural Expo in Hangzhou next month.

What is the Expo?

The international image of China is one of mass production but what this expo hopes to showcase is its growing industry of creativity and innovation. Many of the hundreds of thousands of visitors attending are from the innovation sector who are looking for creative people to help with their business. many other visitors are art and modern tech lovers.

Here are some stunning stats from last years event:

Gav and his team have been asked to represent the UK and showcase his new collection and also be the first foreign artist in China to demonstrate the benefits of augmented reality in art and especially portraiture and graphic painting.

As well as this there will be a new merchandise range available from Gav's booth including scarves and there's even talk of a new coffee table book of Gav's artwork (keep that one quiet!).

If you'd like to attend the expo here are the details:

DATES: September 19th-23rd September 2019 10am-5pm

VENUE/BOOTH ADDRESS:No.336 Changjiang Rd, Binjiang , Hangzhou, China, Creative Eco-City (Main Venue), Section B, 2nd floor


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