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Highlights from the Expo

From the 19th-23rd of this month I was showing my work and hawking my new book at the 13th year of the Hangzhou Cultural Expo. Artwork from all over the world were displayed in a zone called The Ingenuity Horizon (I know, strange name) and I was lucky enough to represent the UK.

Here's some of the best moments from the 3 day event....

Setting up the booth was great as it was the first time I'd seen the portraits all together

On my arrival at the first day I found a copy of the RedStar magazine that had my HZ Map painting on it's cover

Lots of my pals came and were kind enough to buy my new book Making Faces

I had the best assistance on the stand by ways of these two

Zhejiang TV came and did an interview

I met many new people who gave me great feedback on the collection

The new book was on display for the first time

These wonderful people were the ones that chose me for the event

Live painting a living Chinese cultural icon was a bit nerve racking but I managed to keep my cool and carry on with my portrait of Jack Ma


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