• Gav Munro

That's All Folks! For Now....

I'm putting the brushes, easel and insanity away for a while. I've decided to, as they say around my parts 'knock it on the head for a bit'.

Covid 2020 has given me time to think about things and I've decided to focus my energies elsewhere. The market has fallen flat and it's time to move on to other projects.

I've been reflecting over the last 10 years of painting and been reminded of the pain, pride, heartbreak and awesomeness of the experience and decided to free up that time for something else.

I did a quick inventory and here's my achievements and failings:

Number of canvases bought 1,722

Number of paintings produced 769

Number of paintings destroyed 296

Number of paintings sold 619

Number of exhibitions 24

Number of TV appearances 6

Number of relationships lost 4

Number of exhibitions burned down 1

I've managed by good fortune to get my paintings seen by millions and exhibit all over the world in places I could only have dreamed about 10 years ago.

It's given me the opportunity to raise money for some worthy causes that's given me a sense of purpose in the dark times.

Through my paining experience I have seen the best of people, the generosity of their spirits and kindness of their souls.

I've been able to show my best sides too, the ability to surprise a friend with a portrait is probably the best side effect of the process.

When all is said and done, with all the experiences the only thing that really stays with you is the people you meet. Painting passable scribbles and blagging my way around has led me to meet the most incredible humans and for that I am most grateful.

If I thought it would be that easier to have the most fabulous friends from it I would have started 40 years ago!

My new project is researching and writing a documentary on something I've been curious about for years, as soon as it's in production I'll let you guys know!

It's been a hoot, a blast and altogether a splendid experience, here's some of the highlights....


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