• Gav Munro

The Lennon Legacy

There's never been a time when I can't remember The Beatles, and the same with Lennon, he seems omnipresent. I don't think Lennon's music is important, I think it's crucial.

John Lennon taught me that human beings are verbs not nouns. We can change.

The ability to change only comes from the ability to acknowledge mistakes, something Lennon did well. Look around you, the world is led by bravado idiots that can't even acknowledge a mistake, never mind learn and progress from it. Lennon did.

Lennon wasn't a guru, nor a wife-beating. The truth of the man's character lied deep in the nuance of him. Neither a prophet nor a hippy, he was a human blessed and cursed with the of bad and good of all of us....but he told us of his weaknesses.

Dear Prudence isn't a song, it's a warning not to disregard others fears.

Nobody is inspired by people who don't acknowledge their mistakes, we have to accept adversity to overcome it..and by that we teach each other.

As a group we learned by Lennon but only because he was honest with us....think


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